Tom Hanks’ Wife Rita Wilson Warns The Public About Chloroquine – ‘Extreme’ Side Effects

Tom Hanks fans know that he and his wife Rita Wilson were probably the first celebrities to publish their diagnosis – the coronavirus. At the beginning of the pandemic and the subsequent national blockade, almost all American citizens were isolated themselves.

U.S. citizens who followed Trump’s daily press conferences know that the president has praised a particular drug as a potential drug or at least as a way to alleviate some of the side effects of the coronavirus.

The drug Trump was talking about chloroquine, which the president said was a potential solution to the COWID pandemic 19. However, Rita Wilson says the controversial drug comes with its own problems.

According to the 63-year-old actress, she and Tom got chloroquine after being infected with Covid-19 during their stay in Australia last month, and the malaria treatment had undesirable side effects. Some of them were rather negative, the star noticed.

In a conversation with Gail King on CBS this morning, the actress said that she wasn’t sure if it would help her defeat the virus, but that it certainly had side effects. The actress called it extreme.

Wilson said that she and Tom felt nauseous, dizzy and disoriented after taking the drug, as well as weakened muscles and general malaise. The star kept telling the American public to watch out for chloroquine.

So far people have said that the drug has helped them a lot, including a new version of the drug called hydroxychloroquine. The doctors said it was the most effective method of treating KOVID-19.

As mentioned, Tom Hanks and his wife were among the first celebrities to be infected with the virus and were in Australia during the shooting of a new Elvis Presley film. After a stay in quarantine, the couple returned to their country of origin, the United States, and conducted several interviews.


When they both felt better, Tom and Rita gave blood to support the healing. Scientists can use antibodies to make a vaccine.


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