Top 5 Dream Playoff Matchups for the NBA season 2019-20 –

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It’s official: The NBA is back! With the return date set for the end of next month, the teams and players in the league will make the necessary preparations to resume play.

And in this context, there is much to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.

After the 8th regular season (in which the game is included in the tournament) finally the post-season begins, in which we can see the best teams in the league fighting for the title of perhaps the strangest season in the history of basketball.

These coincidences are what we most expect:

Final NBA: Missiles at $

The Houston Rockets are one of the best offensive teams in the NBA, and they do that without giving a real cross. It may be unorthodox to start with her little ball, but so far it seems to work pretty well for her. In the last series with Milwaukee it would be interesting to see how their style of play will lose against the power and strength of Bax and Giannis Antetokunmpo. The finals with these teams is also something we have never seen before – literally, in the long history of the NBA, this game has never been in a series of finals.

Final NBA: Clipper vs Bax.

The Clippers and the Bucks are the top two teams in the league, but no one knows what to expect in any final match between them. The Baxes have the best record in the league and hardly stand behind Jiannis. But if you put them up against the Clippers (perhaps the lowest team in the league) in a series of seven, it becomes a real challenge for Milwaukee. The clippers managed to keep Giannis and the raptors in the finals of last year’s Eastern Conference. Will the Greek monster be able to conquer them this time?

Western Conference Final: Lakers versus rockets

Lebron James and Anthony Davis are the biggest duo in the NBA, but James Harden and Russell Westbrook are not far behind. In the possible finals of the Western Conference it would be interesting to see the two teams, simply because they are so different. The Lakers are a force and a force that uses the combined forces of James and Davis to break under the edge. Without a big man, the Rockets’ main strategy is the small ball, and they use long distance shooting and their own speed to outsmart their opponents. In this game, the Lakers would have won for obvious reasons, but don’t underestimate the Rocketts’ shooting and scoring abilities.

Final NBA: Lakers versus Celtics

The Celtics will certainly lose in the race for the 2020 title, but with Jason Tatum, Kemba Walker, Jalen Brown and Gordon Hayward they could have enough firepower to do something big. Of course, a possible series of finals between the Lakers and the Celts would be a great witness. As old enemies with a decade of history, this will be another chapter in their historical rivalry. The Lakers would be a great support, but seeing something so familiar would certainly be a feast for the eyes.

Western Conference Final: Lakers vs. scissors

The long-awaited game of the summer, the Lakers-Clippers Westfinale, is a game that will last forever. These teams not only fight for the hearts of the same city, but are also the two strongest teams in the West. With Paul George, Cahvi Leonard and many strong and proven role players, the Clippers have the deepest team in the league and are determined to end a long history of play-off losses in the franchise. The Lakers obviously want to prove that they are still the kings of Los Angeles in what may be their only chance to win the title before Lebron’s inevitable retirement. After a trip to the finals, what seems more exciting than the two best teams in the West (who have also been rivals for a long time) fighting for a chance at glory?