What is iPATE and why is it being called a gamechanger for Indian engineering hiring process?

| New Delhi.

Published : 25. March 2020 9:52:47

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CII iPATE has recently been introduced (Photo express of Kamleshwara Singh / Photo presentation).

CII iPATE is a process and protocol for the recruitment of technical personnel for Indian industry. In accordance with this, an online test is carried out to recruit the best engineers. Scorecards of candidates who have passed the iPATE CII exam are forwarded to Indian companies who then recruit candidates based on their results and rank. With this evaluation, the ICN aims to establish a benchmark for the assessment of the industrial skills and qualifications of graduate engineers across India.

The test is carried out online with technical and non-technical reports, containing three parts –

Section I : Cognitive skills
Part II : Professional competence
Section III : Technical Skills

The iPATE CII consists of 100 questions with a total score of 100, where each wrong answer results in a negative score of 1/2. Based on the results of the examination, CII will distribute the student scorecards to several private companies, which will interview the candidates directly.

There is no professional qualification examination for engineers in India that could give them a licence to work in technical fields. However, the IPATE can be an important test for any engineer who wants to join a good private company. There are also no age restrictions, and those who work now and want to change can also try this test. For study programmes, students can refer to GATE work from the previous year and to the non-technical work of ESE-1 from 2012.

– The article was written by Ahand Svarup Pandit, CEO of the Olive Board.

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