IG Drones – Taking to the skies in Disaster Management

February 12: Natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, diseases, severe temperatures, pest infestations, volcanoes, storms, and wildfires, to name a few, have a negative impact on many countries on a yearly basis. New technology-based disaster response & mitigation is being curated by IG Drones to improve the efficiency and efficacy […]

Duo Khushboo Khan, Nishant Malkhani are ready to charm their fans with a lavishly shot music video in Dubai

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 12: Khushboo Khan, actress and supermodel, will take her fans to a different world with her international music video to be released on the well-known Dubai-based YouTube channel ‘Brown Pitch’ during Valentine’s Day week. The music video features Khushboo Khan along with Nishant Malkhani, who is […]

Best Indian Gangster Book of All Time

February 12: Wastra, written by Rohan Kailasam, is a crime fiction novel that takes you on a journey through the death-stalked streets of Mumbai into the infamous dark world of the Mafia. With an engaging and spine-chilling plot, Sharing Stories, a book marketing firm, is anticipating the book’s possible film adaptation soon. […]

Extending a Supporting arm for Business & Startups

February 12: Providing unhindered support and a helping hand to all the budding entrepreneurs and startups in the initial phase of their business. Sybersify feels that every startup is with a vision and mission to bring a significant change and develop the industry. With a helping hand and supporting attitude, […]