Distance Education School Completes a Decade in the Education Domain

Read Time:2 Minute, 10 Second Distance Education School connecting aspiring students with top colleges  India, 6th May 2022: Distance Education School, one of India’s Reliable Distance education portals, has completed 10 years in the industry and continues to grow at an incredible rate. As a part of its growth trajectory, the […]

The LedgerChain team has built a blockchain that is compatible with Ethereum and can integrate with other networks

Read Time:2 Minute, 45 Second May 6: LedgerChain(LDC) may have been compared with many crypto projects, but very few can compete with it. The ability of LedgerChain to outperform most of the competing crypto projects is what makes these cryptocurrencies popular with the crypto community. Did you know that LedgerChain has a similar ecosystem as […]

Making each moment grand, and each company a brand

Read Time:2 Minute, 55 Second BeetRRuz is successfully filling the publicity gaps between brands and their audience May 6: One small step for man is a giant leap for mankind. In the past year from its baby steps to the big hits, BeetRRuz has made its mark in reshaping the […]

Join India’s First Joint EMBA Degree offered by IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis

Read Time:2 Minute, 51 Second Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 6: Senior executives and mid-career working professionals from companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Emerson, Levi’s, Credit Suisse, Xiaomi India, ICICI group, HDFC Bank, Deloitte, EY, and Kuwait Petroleum and others are enrolling in the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program, […]