Mystiq Living launches Specials – Bringing the power of plant-based nourishment to concern-specific skincare

Read Time:2 Minute, 14 Second New Delhi [India], September 3: A new series of skincare products, named ‘Specials’, has been launched by Mystiq Living for specific skin concerns such as acne, blemishes, and wrinkles. The distinctive feature of this series is the thoughtfully chosen potent ingredients for a particular concern. […]

Parul University displays a skyrocketing placement record of 100%, with package offers up to 30 lakhs per annum

Read Time:5 Minute, 50 Second Vadodara, September 3: Over the years, Parul University has been setting benchmarks amongst higher educational institutions in India, living up to its best university in placements title. This year’s placement season was of no difference, bringing to the University campus lucrative career opportunities coupled with […]

Merlinwand revamps the art of storytelling: Offers customised storybooks for children where they can be the Hero of the story and decide its progress

Read Time:2 Minute, 20 Second The storybooks offered by Merlinwand are completely customised, and the child can decide on the characters involved and the way the story progresses. The stories convey sensitive issues in a child-friendly manner Hyderabad, September 3: Merlinwand, a publishing startup founded to inculcate imagination, creativity, and cognitive […]