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New Delhi (India), December 22: India has been rising in awareness levels in terms of physical fitness and wellness, and this has been impacted positively, specifically since COVID struck. The youth of the country is becoming more and more aware of the importance of being physically fit, and Muscle Trail is just the brand aligned with the Fit India mission!

Muscle Trail, a leading company in the health and fitness industry known for manufacturing and supplying natural and high-quality supplements in the market, is establishing its brand as a pioneer. The company is aimed at offering a wide range of bodybuilding and fitness supplements directly to customers, leading to uncompromised quality, unquestionable authenticity, and enhanced effectiveness.

Being a supplement company originating from Canada, Muscle Trail’s range of supplements is formulated as per international standards and is backed by Canadian certifications boasting their authenticity and efficacy. Muscle Trail has emerged as a pioneer in the fitness and supplement industry with its nutrition-packed protein sachets that are easy to carry and readily provide your body with the required nutrition.

Manjeet Sehrawat, the Founder and CEO of Muscle Trail, is the young mind behind Muscle Trail, which is aimed at supplying the top quality nutritional supplements to customers’ doorstep. Manjeet is a leading entrepreneur from India, being featured in various magazines, and has been welcomed at several events related to health and fitness. He released a statement that said: “We, at Muscle Trail, are aimed at facilitating best quality supplements to people and making them easy to carry so that people can obtain nutrition wherever and whenever they require.”

Muscle Trail is bringing easy-to-use whey protein sachets to the market that can be consumed by you anytime, anywhere, as they can be easily carried in your pockets. The product variant is designed in such a way that its formation is completely environmental-friendly. The formation of the whey protein sachets is carried out with the utilisation of recyclable material so that it is not harmful to the environment.

Manjeet Sehrawat, the Founder and CEO of Muscle Trail, released a statement recently that said: “We just made carrying and consuming whey protein easier for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. The hassle of carrying whey protein wherever and whenever required inspired us to create something that could be handy and equally effective. These sachets consist of a proper serving of whey protein so that you can have your hands on your protein shake without any delay.”

As revealed, users can purchase supplements from the official website of Muscle Trail easily, and they are provided with a total of seven categories that are aimed at serving different goals. All the ingredients utilised in the formation of the supplements at Muscle Trail are derived naturally and are blended together to formulate the best supplements.

In addition to this, Muscle Trail is coming up with a referral program where customers can refer Muscle Trail to their friends and relatives, and in return, they gain MT coins. Following the friend signing up to Muscle Trail, logging in, and making a purchase, he will get up to 100 MT coins, while the customer will get up to 100 MT coins.

Along with being well-established in the supplement industry, Muscle Trail is laying an emphasis on raising awareness and knowledge in the physical fitness and bodybuilding industry. The firm focuses on producing well-researched blogs and informative articles in order to educate beginners.

Muscle Trail is aimed at becoming the most reliable, trustworthy, and premium supplement brand in the fitness industry.


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