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Ahmedabad, February 9: Filmmakers are succeeding in conveying Gujarati culture and its splendor to the audience in Gujarati films with subject diversity. A Gujarati film, ‘Ram Bharose’ with one such diverse subject, is going to be released soon. The film’s lead actors are Dhairya Thakkar, Reeva Ranch, and Nilesh Parmar; director Vishal Vadawala; producers Ketan Rawal, Manish Jain, Ajit Joshi, Maltiben Dave, Manish Satani, Tejal Rawal and creative producer Pravin Khinchi were present on the occasion of the title launch of the film.

Ketan Rawal of India’s largest vanity van vendor Mumbadevi Visions, is now a film producer who is making his debut in the Gujarati film industry with the film ‘Ram Bharose’.

On the occasion of the title launch of the film, the film’s director Vishal Vadawala said, “There are times in everyone’s life where a situation arises where one finds himself with nothing in his hands. In this state, when life is abandoned by Rama, one’s life becomes normal and dynamic. However, the plot of the film weaves a love story with the grand culture of Gujarat. Then this story becomes more interesting. The film will live up to the expectations of the audience by providing them with loving entertainment.”

The title of the film ‘Ram Bharose’ has been strategically launched. The title interestingly introduces the name of the film ‘Ram Bharose’ and introduces its cast, director and producers. The film is titled ‘Ram Bharose’ very meaningfully, as the film brings to life on the silver screen the dynamic life of its characters and the amalgamation of Gujarati culture; if anything, at the centre of it all is faith in Lord Shri Ram. This film introduces how important trust plays in everyone’s life. The film was shot on the green land of  Junagadh, Talala, and Lunasana villages in Gujarat.

In the film ‘Ram Bharose’, new actors will be seen in the lead roles. Dhairya Thakkar, Reeva Ranch and Nilesh Parmar are debuting with this film in the Gujarati film industry. The film is directed by Vishal Vadawala, while Ketan Rawal and Manish Jain are the producers of the film, and Pravin Khinchi is the creative producer.

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