Understanding Hair Transplant Costs and How Long Transplanted Hair Lasts, Insights from Chennai’s Expert at DermaClinix, Dr. Ariganesh Chandrasegaran

Dr. Ariganesh Chandrasegaran Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], October 10: While hair loss is commonly associated with men, the issue of baldness, affecting both older and younger individuals, has become prevalent. Many explore home remedies and medications to combat this problem but often harbor misconceptions about the cost and procedure of hair […]

Can Diabetic Retinopathy Be Reversed?

Diabetic retinopathy is a common snag of diabetes that affects the vision. It occurs when high blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels in the retina, leading to vision impairment and, in severe cases, even blindness. The question that many individuals with diabetes have is whether diabetic retinopathy can be reversed. In this […]

Himanshu Singhal: Leading the Charge in Marketing, strategy, Public Relations and Storytelling

New Delhi (India), October 10: Himanshu Singhal, a distinguished top management professional with over two decades of experience in Marketing, Strategic Planning, Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Storytelling, has carved a niche for himself in the dynamic world of marketing and strategy. As General Manager of marketing, he has successfully navigated […]

Contribution to Pharmaceutical World: Mr. Shambhu Sarkar was awarded as Outstanding Industry Leader by Business Mint Nationwide Awards

Shambhu Sarkar New Delhi (India), October 10: Drug counterfeiting is a serious problem that has an impact on global healthcare systems and the health of vulnerable people. Currently, pharmaceutical manufacturers are pursuing a significant digital transformation in the pharmaceutical supply chain to address this problem by integrating digital traceability and track-and-trace […]

Veerhealth Care Ltd receives Export Order

Gujarat (India), October 10: Veerhealth Care Ltd – engaged in the business of ayurvedic, herbal and personal care products has received export order from East Africa. 1.36 crore. Company has received order from M/s. Vision lmpex Limited, Uganda, East Africa for Fresh Up Red Gel Toothpaste. Company is expected to […]

HiDoc Dr. Partners with Jaypee Brothers to Empower Doctors in Publishing High-Impact Medical Research

New Delhi (India), October 10: In a significant development for the medical field in India, Hidoc Dr., the country’s leading healthcare platform, has joined hands with Jaypee Brothers, South Asia’s largest and fastest-growing medical publisher. This collaboration aims to facilitate the publication of doctors’ articles on non-prescribed brands in prestigious […]