Health Minister Rushikesh Patel inaugurates Genexplore Diagnostics’ new an advance genetic laboratory

called “Genexplore Diagnostic and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.” was unveiled by Shri Rushikeshbhai Patel at Shyamal cross road, Ahmedabad. He dedicated this ultra modern facility for general public with the hope of bringing world-class techniques of genome sequencing for medical utility. Genexplore Diagnostics inaugurates new advanced laboratory Located near Shyamal […]

Revolutionizing Public Works: The Profound Impact of AI on Infrastructure Management

Vijay Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, SoftTech Engineers Limited Pune (Maharashtra) [India], October 16: The ongoing revolution in public infrastructure management, fueled by the widespread integration of artificial intelligence (AI), is fundamentally transforming how public works organizations approach planning, procurement, and maintenance. This blog post will extensively explore the substantial […]