UNESCO Award Winner and 40under40 Yoga Psychologist is illuminating people’s Well-being. Meet Ilashrei Anand

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 9: Diwali is here and it should not just be about cleaning our houses but also brightening our personal lives, insists, Ilashrei Anand, the Certified Yoga Psychologist, who’s spent years studying in some of the world’s oldest Ashrams. She emphasizes normalising taking therapy, specially Yoga Psychology, […]

Earneasy24: Empowering Users with Innovative IT Solutions

Kolhapur (Maharashtra) [India], November 9: Earneasy24, a dynamic private limited company based in Kolhapur, is making waves in the IT industry with its cutting-edge products and unwavering commitment to helping people. Founded in 2019 by Kalandar Kureshi, Earneasy24 has rapidly grown into a reputable player in the IT sector, serving users […]