Malayalam Cinema Shines at Cannes: Payal Kapadia’s Triumph and Abhijit Adhya’s Trailer Premiere Introducing Ajumalna Azad Illuminate Global Stage

Cannes (France), June 7: The prestigious Cannes Film Festival has once again showcased the brilliance of Malayalam cinema. This year, Payal Kapadia’s film “All We Imagine as Light” took home top honors, while Abhijit Adhya’s eagerly anticipated trailer for “Aadrika,” starring the talented Malayalam actress Ajumalna Azad, made a powerful impression […]

Sunil Chhetri signs a landmark deal with Skechers

New Delhi (India), June 7: As per FairPlay Sports, Chhetri’s marketing agency, it is the highest value athletic apparel deal ever signed by an India footballer. Indian footballing legend Chhetri will compete in Skechers football boots and appear in marketing campaigns for the brand. India’s leading Athlete Management agency, FairPlay […]

Sanjo Educational Consultancy Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence

New Delhi (India), June 7: Sanjo Educational Consultancy, a renowned name in the field of educational guidance and admissions, is proudly celebrating its 15th anniversary. For more than ten years and a half, this consulting company has been guiding over 10,000 students successfully into top-ranked universities globally. Since 2008, Sanjo Educational Consultancy has […]

2024 Election Aftermath: A Perspective on the Results

New Delhi (India), June 7: India, as a great nation, requires robust leadership to navigate its future. Historically, the country has faced challenges due to divisive practices perpetuated by political and vested groups. It is impossible to please everyone, and for sustainable growth, bold and pragmatic decisions are necessary. The ruling […]