Laha Sniffs The Scent of Redemption

New Delhi (India), June 15: As a nation that has seen sluggish growth in the genre of science fiction, one might sit back and consider what it truly means to have a unique Indian science fiction. Of course, there would be local settings and indigenous representation, along with the usual […]

In Surat, Over 150 Students of IIFD Showcase Captivating Garments Designed at Fashionet-2024

– Institute’s student designers exhibited innovative concepts with creativity for upcoming season’s best and latest collections. – IIFD, marking 10 successful years in the field of design education this year, encouraged students at this magnificent event, attended by textile industry entrepreneurs, fashion professionals, and renowned personalities of Surat, providing them […]

Draupadi Defiant – A mythological extravaganza for theatre lovers!

New Delhi (India), June 10: “Draupadi Defiant” is a riveting 60-minute English adaptation of Mrinal Mathur’s “God’s Lioness,” which presents a powerful retelling of Draupadi’s narrative from the Mahabharata. The play unfolds through an intense encounter between Draupadi and Kunti, against the backdrop of the epic’s conclusion. It draws from […]

Iraa S Purohit: A Multi-Award Winning Leader in Occult Sciences

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], June 4:  Iraa S Purohit, the founder of Destiny Sscrets, is celebrating a well-deserved series of wins! Her dedication to the field of occult sciences has been recognized with prestigious awards, solidifying her reputation as a leader in this domain. In 2022, Iraa’s expertise was acknowledged with […]