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May 13: On the birthday of revered Spiritual Leader, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, Prakritik Lifestyles receives special blessings from Gurudev. As the world of Art of Living devotees celebrate Prakritik Lifestyles take strides towards impactful growth in becoming a cash-positive Unicorn.

Prakritik Lifestyles, India’s first offline and online affiliate platform has launched Prakritik Lifestyles Business Academy. It is an exclusive set of live webinars with easy to follow modules that their affiliates can use. These webinars and modules are free for use to all Prakritik Lifestyles affiliates who are interested in furthering their personal and professional growth.

As a humble initiative started during Covid19 pandemic, Prakritik Lifestyles is now walking towards creating a community of individuals who are looking at using and selling earth positive products that are eco friendly, sustainable, and ethically sourced. The initiative is aimed at ensuring that not only do people make earth positive choices, but also educate those around them about it. With brands like SriSri Tattva, Shankara, BYOGI, Madhurya, I am so Wasted, Husk Panda, SaralSutra, Thenga, and Khushakriti, Prakritik Lifestyles is going strong with the “Vocal for Local” mantra.

Dheeraj Agarwal, CEO of Prakritik Lifestyles, shared that “we all want to do something good for the environment. Especially when we are hit with such harsh heat waves (laughs). But we all get stuck in the hustle of making a living, and forget that we also need to make a life for the future generations. Prakritik Lifestyles is a business initiative that looks at solving a global social and environmental issue, one sale at a time.”

We also connected with a few affiliates who are associated with Prakritik Lifestyles. Akshay Shah (name changed) shared “I have been an affiliate with PL since the pandemic. Our rental income had stalled. With Prakritik Lifestyles I could add to my income without the issues of MLM and all. My customers also benefited, so it further motivated me to take it ahead.”

Prakritk Lifestyles has now onboarded a lot of different brands that their affiliates can earn a commission through. With effective teachings for building a personal brand, improving communication skills, and being environment friendly, it isn’t a surprise that one of the Global Spiritual Leaders, Sri Sri Ravishankar, saw soul in it and blessed it.

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