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Dr. Ayshna Kaushik

Miracles are a part of the daily routine of each one of us. We are so busy in life that we either don’t see them happening around us, or we are too stuck in our thoughts that we fail to acknowledge the miracles.

December 21: Every day of each of us is full of miracles. When walking on a road, do we realize what keeps happening behind our backs? When we were driving, did we notice the miracles happening when we were talking to a co-passenger, or were we in deep thought or talking on the phone? We consider only those acts of God as a miracle which we so deeply wish for ourselves, and eventually, it happens when we were least expecting it to happen. That’s how human psychology works.

Dr. Ayshna Kaushik is a renowned Spiritual Life coach helping people with their journeys for many years. She is an astrologer too, and an established Reiki master. When we asked her about the miracles, she said, “I provide remedies to so many of my clients for so many mental, physical and monetary problems which they keep facing in their day-to-day life, but hardly does anyone realize that there is someone up there who listens to each of their prayers and bestows them with a fulfilling experience. We are never in gratitude.”

The honorary doctor from World Human Rights Protection Commission added further that “not everyone is like them” she narrates “, some of my clients had conception issues, and after a few remedy sessions with me, almost all of them conceived, and many out of them have come back to me stating this to be nothing else but a miracle, a magic of some sort, and that makes my day.”

She further explains, “prayers, rituals, remedies are nothing but sincere prayers to the almighty, and an honest wish from my side for the less fortunate souls, and when they are heard, they do seem to be nothing less than a miracle to my clients both and me.”

She is also an avid Tarot Card Reader and a Vastu Consultant, and when we wanted to know what remedies she provides, which unfolds to many of her clients as a miracle. Dr.Kaushik cleared that “when I was 17 years of age, I had this divine vision of Lord Shiva who told me about this path to me. Even the when and how, I will help transform people’s lives, and today, when I see myself doing just that, it only looks like a miracle.”

Mr Rajesh Kapoor, founder and creator of Cloudxcess, a cloud platform which holds data of more than 10,000 companies, said, “miracles unfold every moment. In fact, with so many upheavals in daily life, even a smile on a face is nothing less than a miracle, but how many of us show this courage of wearing one every day and every moment of the day? Every day my engineers report more than 15000 attempts of entering our servers via hacking, phishing or virus attacks, but our security walls withstand every such attack. Although technically we know what is preventing that from happening, but then there occurs no technological failure is definitely a miracle.”

Dr. Ayshna Kaushik has a web space on Facebook by the address on which many client stories and testimonials can be found, “and if one goes through that, one will find that every story, although speaks about cure from my remedies in actual shows nothing but miracles happening, some acknowledge that and show gratitude to God Himself, others just credit me for my work, but I pass each thank you note, given to me by them, to the one and only who sees all miracles unfolding; the God Himself!!”

Dr. Ayshna ‘s company makes many products like money mojo bags, abundance potlis, protection threads, protection jars, and ritual oils like love oil, money oil, business oil, etc. People facing business losses are on the verge of a divorce, are jobless or have relationship issues, and are her clients. One can also reach her on her Instagram page by following her Magickal Remedies page.

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